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arts and humanities education

2013-2018 | The Boston Conservatory, Boston MA
Assessment Consultant. Project SNAP (Supporting New Academic Programs). Designed, developed and executed institution-wide assessment of Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) program, FLC Facilitator trainings, and Skills-Based Workshops involving faculty in Music, Dance, Theatre, and Liberal Arts.

2013-2014 | (pro bono) Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Boston MA
Steering Committee, We are One: Music and Mission in South Africa. Planned, prepared program, and taught South African music for public event showcasing three humanitarian organizations who work on behalf of vulnerable children in South Africa; coordinated similar collaborative humanitarian-musical events with other U.S. and South African organizations held in South Africa, January 2014.

2011-2012 | (pro bono) Simon Estes Foundation, Des Moines, IA
Simon Estes Music High School, Cape Town, South Africa. Conferred with Simon Estes in pre-and-post visit consultations to develop a long-range strategic plan for the mission, management, administration, and growth of the Simon Estes Music High School, whose mission is "to provide students with a complete education (music and academic) by redressing the educational imbalances of the past and to make music accessible to learners who are musically gifted." On site evaluative visits to Cape Town included classroom and rehearsal observations, and student and administrator interviews.

2011 | The Boston Conservatory, Boston MA
Managed and analyzed aggregated qualitative and quantitative data from alumni and students in divisions of Music, Dance, and Music Theater. Determined and interpreted trends which informed long range curricular planning by the Academic dean, faculty, and administration.

2010 | Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA
Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CAPC). Principal Evaluator, Art Jump Off (AJO). Designed and directed evaluation of the CAPC's after school art program in neighborhood schools. Evaluation involved site visits, focus groups, document and record review, survey design and distribution, final report and consultation with program administrators and participants.

2009-2011 | (pro bono) Advisor, Matimba ya ripfumelo, Boston MA
Counseled Boston-based South African vocal and instrumental ensemble in areas of music, repertoire, organization, and management to raise money for HIV-AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, in collaboration with Tremendous Hearts, Inc. (

2003-2011 | College of Fine Arts, Boston University, Boston MA
Associate professor, Faculty of Music, department of Music Education. Designed and developed courses, residency program, and doctoral dissertation procedures for new online DMA in music education. Supervised online and on-campus doctoral research. Published and presented research in the areas of: K-12 arts education policy, arts education partnerships, interdisciplinarity, vernacular/alternative ensembles, and applied research methods. See David Hebert's remarks

2008-2009 | Danvers Public Schools, Danvers MA
Professional Development Design and Workshop. Integrated Arts in Elementary Education – Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts for elementary faculty of 30 K-5 generalist and specialist teachers

2005-2007 | (pro bono) Conservatory Lab Charter School, Boston, MA
Research and Evaluation Advisory Board, Learning Through Music

2003-2005 | Huntington Theatre Company, Boston MA
Designed and directed evaluation of the HTC's theater program for urban and suburban high school students – Acting Class, Acting Class Too, and Scene Study.

2001-02 | Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston MA
Designed and directed comprehensive evaluation of Arts Can Teach (ACT) (download pdf)—a five-year collaboration of the Lynn Public Schools, LynArts, and The Wang Center. Funded by the NEA, Mass. Cultural Council and General Electric, the ACT program teams artists in residence with classroom teachers for a full year of studio study, classroom work, exhibition, and evaluation. Developed plan for ACT's sustenance in Lynn, and replication in other school districts. See Josiah Spaulding's and Ann Norton's remarks.

2001-02 | The Boston Conservatory. Boston MA
Provided research, analysis, and plan for the Conservatory's long range plan for the undergraduate and graduate Music Education programs. Surveyed teaching practitioners, administrators, and comparable institutions to inform analysis and recommend strategy. See Michael Nash's remarks.

2000-01 | Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston MA
Designed and directed statewide evaluation of K-12 Artist in Residence Program; preliminary policy design for new program initiatives.

1999-00 | Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield CT
Designed and directed yearlong evaluation of the Student Docent Program. See Nina Carlson's remarks.

1999-00 | Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle ME
Developed Preliminary Design for a longitudinal evaluation of Haystack's 17 year old Craft Institute for High School students.

1999 | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
Designed and directed evaluation of Salon Cassatt, a prototype pilot visitor lounge for Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman Exhibition.

1998-99 | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
Designed and directed a baseline assessment of the 56 programs administered by the Division of Education and Public Programs. Managed all data collection, analysis, and reporting on: present services, present audiences, and organizational implications for long-range planning. See Lorri Berenberg's remarks.

1996-00 | Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA
Consultant for four-year evaluation of "The Eye of the Beholder," a partnership between the museum and neighborhood schools. Responsible for design, data collection, data analysis, staff consultations, website evaluation. See Gretchen Dietrich's and Joanna Moore's remarks.

1997-98 | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
Designed and directed a yearlong assessment of Family Place, an ongoing drop-in program for adults and children.

1995-96 | Vermont Council on the Arts, Montpelier VT
Designed and directed impact evaluation of Artist-in-Residence program on ongoing, district - funded school arts programs statewide. Designed and directed impact evaluation of Education Development Grant program statewide.

1995 | Lima City Schools, Lima OH
Consultant and Workshop Clinician; Staff Development Program. Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning: Issues and Exercises.

1994-95 | Maine Arts Commission, Augusta ME
Designed and developed long-range plan for arts education initiatives statewide, and marketing strategy to target Commission's programs to every Maine school. In three years participation grew from 7% to 70%; in six years to 97%. See Nancy Salmon's and Craig Dreeszen's remarks. Click here for chronology "From Project to Policy."

1994-95 | Council for Basic Education, Washington DC
Designed and directed evaluation of the Artists Fellowship Program. Researched and authored. Minds Alive: Teachers as Scholars, a collection of case studies of fellowship projects in the humanities, arts, mathematics,and science throughout the U.S.

1994 | Portland Symphony Orchestra, Portland ME
Designed and developed prospectus for comprehensive evaluation of the PSO's Education Program, including implications for long range planning with Maine public schools.

1991-93 | New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Concord NH
Designed and directed longitudinal impact evaluation of the Artist-in-Residence Program. See Susan Bonaiuto's remarks.

1989-91 | National Endowment for the Arts, Washington DC
Designed and authored Arts in Education Coordinators' Handbook, a resource for arts education administrators in the 56 state arts agencies.

1989-91 | National Center for Educational Leadership, Harvard University, Cambridge MA
Shared Leadership in U.S. High Schools, Carol H. Weiss, Principal Investigator. Designed protocols for, and conducted interviews with over 60 high school teachers and administrators in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Virginia.

math and science education

2001 | Brandeis University, Waltham MA

Designed and directed evaluation of pilot course "The Science in Science Teaching and Learning" for Science Technology Studio.

1996-98 | Harvard University, Cambridge MA
TEAMS-BC (Teacher Education Addressing Mathematics and Science in Boston and Cambridge). Principal Evaluator. Designed and directed evaluation of a collaborative including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wheelock College, University of Massachusetts Boston, Cambridge Public Schools, and the Boston Public Schools, whose purpose was to promote, design, and implement reform in the pre-service training of K-12 Mathematics and Science teachers. See Irwin Shapiro's remarks.

1993-94 | Boston Urban Systemic Initiative, Boston MA
Directed qualitative research project, BRIMSE (Boston Renaissance in Mathematics and Science Education). - case studies of math and science education in the Boston Public Schools.

1993-96 | Education Matters, Inc., Cambridge MA
Senior Research Associate. Designed and directed evaluation of the NSF's SCI/MAT Fellowship Program, which supports independent summer scholarship for math and science teachers to integrate the arts and humanities into math and science.

1989-91 | National Center for Educational Leadership, Harvard University, Cambridge MA
Shared Leadership in U.S. High Schools, Carol H. Weiss, Principal Investigator. Designed protocols for, and conducted interviews with over 60 high school teachers and administrators in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Virginia.